These are several concerns that need to be addressed as we move forward.

  Bill C 59 anti terrorism laws that mainly targets certain ethnic groups. Our country's Public Safety Minister used closure without consulting multi culture groups. One such victim was Maher Arar, who in the end was awarded 10.5 million dollars by the Stephen Harper government
  Transit tax credits which were removed and need to be restored.
  Transparency into the Minister of Finance and the selling of stocks.
  The treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott by the current Edmonton Centre during their Justice Committee  testimonies.
  SNC Lavalin. How is it that there is one set of rules for the top one percent while everyone else has to respect the rule of the law? 20 billion dollars handed to the wealthy in 2018. 700 million dollars to the failing media
  Climate change. It is not a hoax.
  Racism, it is real. We forgive and forget even the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but racism is real. I'm proud of my skin color.
  How is it that citizens of Edmonton Centre, who work for less than 20 dollars, don't get any tax breaks? No federal aid of any kind (i.e. rental tax credits). While citizens with families and children does.
  Seniors who build this nation receive inflation rated increases on their OAS and CPP. Justin Trudeau's quote, "Working people without children do not pay taxes." Perhaps he should check with his accountants.
  Why is Canada giving 50 million dollars to Trevor Noah? 9 billion dollars over 8 years to Bill Gates, while many our less fortunate have to collect bottles?
  Milk, cheese and other dairies will be flooded by the USA.
  NAFTA. Canada sold sovereignty on foreign affairs, security and defense. Canada cannot sign trade deals with other countries without approval from US President Donald Trump. We need to recommend to Congress not to approve the deal.
  CETA with EU has not been approved.
  Should Canada be selling arms to Saudi Arabia? In return the weapons are used in Yemen to kill civilians.
  Will USA lose Canada because of Justin Trudeau's dad?
  What ramifications will be suffered from a Liberal review of EI? The Liberals do not want to discuss EI review.
  Social Housing. A task force involving representatives of the municipal, provincial and federal governments should be struck to come up with a compromised solution on solving the problem of homelessness throughout Edmonton.
  Maintain a good working relationship with Edmonton Centre residents, listening to their wishes when it comes to issues like budget and foreign policies.
  Hold regular town hall meetings so that Edmonton Centre residents can voice their opinions current issues. 
  I support women's right to choose.
  I support indigenous rights.  
  Boycott CBC and CTV.  

If you are as passionate as I am in building a stronger community in Edmonton Centre, you're welcome to join my team or donate.

Call 780-426-3672

Above all, get out and vote on October 21st, 2019.


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