Many of us are aware of the 2016 election of President Trump. Our Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland who went in the House of Commons, claiming Canada will be a new champion on the world stage. In just two weeks, she became too close with President Trump with Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and now currently with Mike Pompeo. Each and every time she appears before the mainstream media and always say, "we have to work very closely with the USA." Our Foreign Minister lived in USA all her life, working for conservatives newspapers, Economist, Financial Times and Washington Post. Our foreign policy is now being run by the USA. We are told we must overthrow the government of Venezuela, Russia, and China. Remember Meng Wanzhou Huawei Canada did not get extradition papers yet we arrested Meng. Now China has imposed sanctions on our products from canola to meat. President Xi Jinping does not even take calls from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The Great late Prime Minister Trudeau open doors to our fellow Canadians in Cuba, China and Russia. What does our PM and 53rd Secretary of State Chrystia Freeland? They closed the doors to the countries from Cuba to Russia. They listen to Donald Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo. 
We Canadians are still waiting. We must ask why Canadians still send troops to Iraq. The reason is Trump. There are problems in Haiti, Sudan, South Africa and other nation. 
Why send troops to Iraq?
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